For the entirety of my time writing The Circle of Fire, all I could think of was the writing. The story was all that I ever saw. There wasn’t anything else involved.

All I had was the desire to finish my story. For the vast majority of the time, I didn’t even consider the reality of actually getting the story published. I was just plonking along writing my book because it was the story I’d wanted to read.

It was a very long time after I started work that I pitched up on Facebook with my author page, then Twitter for the same and then on here.

I’d wanted  to read  the story I was writing, no one else had written it yet, but the thought that others would as well didn’t come straight away and the idea that others could want to read anything else I had to say was much the same.

So I used the interweb as a method of communication with the rest of the planet but now I’m having to delve into the horrors of the real.

In the real world I’ve had to discover that there’s even more. I’ve had my very own business cards printed and I’ve ordered all of the books ready for the excitement of this weekend..

I have my very own signing event organised for this coming Saturday and I’m more than a little apprehensive. Meeting with the public and talking with them face to face. Sharing thoughts and ideas.

Next weekend I take my very first faltering step into the wider world of being an author. A world that is so much more than just me sat at my keyboard.

If you’re in the area, come on down. The more the merrier.

Book signing pic



As I started to discuss last week, there seems to be a huge world of additional work which comes with the task of bringing a book to life. The exciting world of social media was examined seven days ago so now I turn my attention to the considerations of the publishing journey itself.

How do you go about getting published?

When I started  out on my writing voyage I never even considered the reality of what would be required to end up with the finished product sitting on my, or indeed anyone else’s, book shelf. All I could see was the need to tell a story. The thought of anyone actually reading it didn’t crop up until later.

As I wrote, as I placed brick on top of brick to build up the creation that The Circle of Fire became, the feedback I was getting was enough to make me think about publishing.

So as I said before, How do you go about getting published?

I looked through list after list of publishing houses who were accepting submissions, making sure to only pick the ones with an interest in the appropriate genre and researched the details of what I needed to do.

Next port of call was the Amazon website and a look through the steps of self publishing. What I needed to put into place around the newly finished manuscript to take it from my own little story to being the completed article. Book cover, blurb and the final polish.

Between these two methods are others on the same spectrum, providing so many different possibilities.

Choices and choices, research on the interweb and talking with all kinds of people along the way led me through so many roads of what to do.

Luckily, I think I’ve found the right fit.

And to prove it, I give you all a sneak peek of the cover. Thanks to Publish Nation who have been doing the heavy lifting of getting the ball rolling.

Featured image

Not too far in the future, my first novel, The Circle of Fire, will be let loose on the world so all of the work will have been worth it.

I’ll reveal the whole cover when all of the preparation is complete and the book’s ready to go.

All of those people out there who are wrestling with the same choices, trust me, it’s most certainly the extra parts in the publishing set up which make the whole experience so much more fun.

Not long now all.