And they were all incredibly supportive.

Taking part in your first ever signing event is not a small issue. I’ve been to many an event where I’ve perused line after line of traders who’ve had all manner of different things to sell. Books and figurines, posters and autographs, DVD’s and costumes all vie for attention as you make your up and down the lines of sellers. There’s so much choice amongst all of the offerings that it can get a little overwhelming.

My first attempt at the other side of the desk came at a much smaller venue than the giant Comic Con style affairs. Yvonne Perry and the team at Resolve Holistic Therapy Centre let me take over a corner of their reception area to sell signed copies of my book The Circle of Fire. I’ve been attending the centre myself over the years for various treatments and Yvonne had been pestering me to finally get the book finished so she could read it.

Featured imageFeatured image

Resolve Holistic Therapy Centre          The Team : Nicola, Maisie-Jayne,                                                                              Michaela and Yvonne

Thank God she liked it after the wait!!

From there she became my greatest advocate. She’d regale me with tales of her telling her other clients about the book and was encouraging her friends that may enjoy it that it was worth a go. It was also her idea to do the signing after feedback she was receiving.

So the event took place and thanks to the efforts of all at Resolve, I was able to reach out and touch the public, spreading the word of what I have to say and signing copies of the book. We all had a blast, chatting about the motivation for the book, the reasons I set the story where I did and what I’ve got planned for future books. There was a steady line of clients coming into the centre during the day and I was able to sell a healthy chunk of my books.

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Me getting nervous                              Giving my first autograph

They even created a special piece of nail art for the day which looks just amazing.

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I really enjoyed the chance to speak to people about all manner of things and that feeling of connection was just wonderful. Writing tends to be a very singular hobby so any way to maintain the human connection is a huge plus.

All in all it was better than I could have ever expected..

Book sales, both paperback and on kindle, the possible chance to speak at some local groups about the book and writing in general and eleven new people welcomed to the Facebook page.

A very good day.

Thanks to everyone involved for helping me step out into the world.

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A happy reader                                        A very happy reader !



The last post of the year, I hope it’s up to the standard you all expect. Actually I hope it’s better than that but hey hoo.

What a journey I’ve been on this last twelve months in my special little world of writing and hopefully the next year will be bigger and somewhat hairier.

This year I’ve managed to actually get the blog going on a regular routine and I’ve just crossed the one thousand view mark before we pass into 2015.

My stock of short stories has been growing at a remarkable rate and some have leaked out into the real world. One has even become a short audiobook.

Add to this a strong route to actually getting my first book, The Circle of Fire, published and 130 new likes of my Facebook page and doubling my followers on Twitter, and 2014 has proven to be a pretty positive year.

Onwards and upwards for a bigger 2015.

Happy New Year!!