Last week I spoke about the importance of treating everyone with respect and holding a level of understanding for the true mechanics of situations as they arise to test us. This week, I report on the fact I had to put all the ideals into action.

Holiday in Kos went really well and we relaxed and relaxed and relaxed. We get picked up at the scheduled time to go back to the airport for the return journey only to discover that the flight has been cancelled following an incident at Birmingham airport in the UK.

And so we come to the point.

I made it clear last week that I feel it’s important to make sure that we don’t throw our weight around with those who are not in a position to really be responsible, so this weekend gave me the chance to show that very behaviour. Plane cancelled, not sure where we’d need to go to wait, hotel or stay in the airport. Not sure what to do and the staff at the airport only having so much information and so much sway to get things organised.

What do you think happened?

So very many people started to shout and complain immediately, berating any and all staff they could find, but happily, I spoke to the staff, listened to what was being said and they did their best to help. The issues were being caused by a problem in the UK which then knocked on all over Europe by the sounds of things. The staff on the ground were doing the best they could and if I’d waded in and started yelling like some people did, I’d have added nothing to fix the situation but could have aided it getting worse.

As a writer, a character or organisation which doesn’t follow through when they give description of noble ideals they’ll stick to, is a wonderful way to create conflict and explore all manner of character dynamics. The same can be said for characters who don’t stray from their path and how those around them then react.

We ended up in a 5 star hotel for the duration of the delay so all the staff organising the accommodation had dealt with things pretty well. We even had a larger plane for the return trip and I got to watch Justice League.

Maybe we all need to be more understanding and try to look out for any bright side we can.


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