Bad news everyone, I’m not giving up on this blogging malarky, instead the title for this week refers more to the bygone tradition of the final news story which brought the audience back from the pits of despair.

I’m sure we can all remember the times when, at end of the evening news broadcast, seemingly just to fill a relative shortfall in the running time of the program, the comforting words of this post’s title would ring out.

“And finally……….” signaled with the addition of a more upbeat tone of voice as well as the words, brought us a story to act as an almost palette cleansing refresher after the darker and more unpleasant ‘real’ news. Tales of a lost cat making it’s way home or a bizarrely shaped marrow winning first prize at a local fete used to be there to make us smile slightly. Those funny additions to the list of stories which swirled around the world just made you stop and smile, maybe even laugh.

It wouldn’t be unheard of to come across things like “and the clown spent a comfortable night” or “he admitted that he’d never seen one as large as that before.” Those stories of almost mundane nonsense always felt to me to be placed at the very end of the program to help remind anyone watching that the world wasn’t just all doom and gloom.

Amidst all of the darkness of the world, the tales of woe from home and abroad, there was always that spark of hope to remind everyone that maybe things weren’t all that bad. Maybe, just maybe, there was more than just the death and war and cheating which made up the bulk of the news and somewhere out there, good things were still happening.

So to everyone out there, no matter where you’re reading this, there are good things going on at the moment despite what it can sometimes feel like when you see or hear the news. So here goes my attempt to raise a smile.

And finally ………….

My wife and I ‘christened’ our new attic space over the weekend by watching Iron Man through our new projector and with the new surround sound system. We’re going to do all of the Marvel films in order. Sausage the cat was less certain of the whole state of affairs though. Anyone who thought I was going to admit to something else when I spoke about christening a room needs to get their mind out of the gutter.

My dad celebrated his birthday on Friday just gone and we had a very silly time discussing the gremlins my mum thought were in the house who keep moving her phone about so it’s never where she left it.

And my year old niece seems to spend all of her time giggling and appears to enjoy being whooshed about as only kids can.

All of those things made me smile over the weekend.

You see? Life isn’t so bad after all.

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