The world is changed.

The same as everyone else, I have my opinion on the result of the US election. Earlier this year I watched on as the referendum in the UK to leave the EU was decided and I had many friends who fell on both sides of the divide.

I saw the same situation unfold through the magic of the internet as the election took place last week and terrifyingly, the same situations which plagued the aftermath of the Brexit vote were far too rapid to unfold across the pond.

Now I’m not going to try to rip apart one side over the other in terms of either election but more than anything, the violent rhetoric which came out during the campaigning and then the acts of xenophobia and practically every other phobia you could imagine after the results became public were an incredibly telling sign.

Regardless of the merits and flaws of either side, the biggest thing that came out of the whole sordid affair was the almost careless abandon that those up for election were ready to throw out blame and to so often throw it at those who didn’t actually deserve it.

We all know that we have to tell the truth. We’re told from a very early age that we have to tell the truth and that we can’t lie and say that someone else did something bad if it wasn’t actually them. All kids have to be told these things because without the constant reinforcement of the need to be a part of a fair and functioning society they’d make sure that the blame was shifted all over the place.

The issue which has been raised this year is the feeling that victories were bought not with the facts of any given situation but with the scapegoating of people for all of the ills of the country. The giant, truly bus sized, slogan from Brexit was to break away from the EU and instead spend the hundreds of millions of pounds which the UK sends that way, on the NHS instead. It wasn’t even double figures of hours after the result had been announced that the U-turn came.

The same seems to have happened in the US. Immigrants were an easy target for the ills of the country and the election system was pointed at as being corrupt and rigged all the way up to the result coming out one way and then the message of fraud quickly went away.

Now I appreciate that there ae so very many more facts and figures involved in the political landscape which surrounds us and I’m not trying to say that Clinton would have been any better or worse than Trump, if she’d been better at campaigning she would have been elected, but I do find it odd that there have been so any similarities between the two winners of the voting in the UK and the US. Blame has fallen into the centre of what they’ve been spreading at the expense of real solutions.

It’s all too easy to read all manner of stories, in literature but more tellingly in our own history, which deal with societal upheaval and change which deal in exactly this form of structure. Blame is ascribed to people who weren’t at fault and the masses follow obediently in the persecution of those who had no hand in the struggles of the day. Instead of all working together as a society to improve the lives of each and every person in that society, we’re separated and segmented. Those out there who fall into the group now seen as the ones to blame can expect to become outcasts which in turn will make them angrier and angrier at their mistreatment. The pressure will build and all over the world we can already feel the dial turning.

Blame which isn’t earned is far too easy a tool to cast at people. All of us want to believe that we have been doing our very best and the only reason we haven’t reached the dizzy heights of whatever greasy pole we’re climbing is that the deck was stacked against us. That others have been undermining us and it’s all someone else’s fault. If it’s true, the imbalance needs to be corrected but if not we all move from being righteous in our outrage to nothing more than controlled pawns.

Now I know that this post has become quite serious in tone but world politics is something which has to be looked at seriously, but there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. At every corner of our lives, we must always do our best to find even the barest hints of enjoyment. No matter what else happens from here on, the US just elected a man named after a fart!


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