Now this post isn’t going to be about comedy.

I have my thoughts about comedy which I’ll be unpacking at a future date but this time I want to look at the importance of fun in all of our lives.

How much fun do you have on a daily basis? Do you draw a life affirming sustenance from all of the things you do or do you suffer through each day just waiting for something positive to present itself almost out of the blue?

I’m not saying that we should be running around with a permanent smile plastered across our faces but shouldn’t we be looking to have as much fun as we can?

I used to work in the fitness industry and one of the major points which always had to be kept at the forefront of all the training advice and exercise was we must always do our best to make all the activity fun. Without there being an element of enjoyment people would be all too ready to cast off the program and resume the lifestyle they were trying to break away from.

So when did the fun go away?

Running about, getting up to all kinds of stuff was the day to day life of a child. Left to their own devices, kids can do all kinds of things because they find it amusing, interesting or compelling. Games of make believe, exploring the local area, riding a bike everywhere because that was the easiest way to get about. At no point did anyone suggest that it would be too tiring to do all of these things, we just did them because that’s what we did. It’s only as we age that our games suddenly become more ordered.

Pretty soon we’re playing games with set rules which in turn become being a part of a sports team. Riding your bikes off just to have an explore was now ‘just kids stuff’ as more important draws on our time took over. Homework, sports, music and computer games all started vying for attention. Now I played computer games as a kid but my sporting career quickly overtook my desire to play on a computer. I was having fun out there on the various fields playing sports because I had a level of skill at the sports I played but over time, the game of rugby turned into the match of rugby.

The result was becoming more and more important and there were becoming more and more in depth reviews of how the game had gone, where mistakes had been made and what needed to be done to be able to improve.

Now I’m not saying that I hated my sporting career and that it became a soulless grind of hunting for the desired result, but rather that the pure fun of play had been replaced by the structure of conflict. That sheer unadulterated enjoyment was altered as I grew up to fit in with my more adult mind.

So we see, as adults, our free time is quickly filled with all kinds of needs. We have to do the housework, decorating, gardening, looking after the kids (as they have fun) and a million other things that we all have to do, but so often that can leave us with precious little time to just have simple fun.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy the genres of books and films that I do? It’s a fair bet that my own writing has been driven by the desire for fun and immersing myself into the stories in my head is a really relaxing thing to do. Hell, in the wider world maybe that’s why we can see a rise in adult colouring books? There doesn’t need to be a monumental expenditure of thought to complete the task, instead we do it because we want to, because it’s relaxing and fun.

The world has the potential to be a very dark and unforgiving place where we can, if we don’t stop to recognise the good bits, fall into a chasm of despair. I think we all owe it to ourselves and all those we love to make sure there is as much fun in all of our lives as we can find. Without it, we’re done for.


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