In everything that we do, see and experience in every day of our lives, there are systems at play which allow the world we live in to continue to turn. From the mightiest form of government to the smallest one way sign we’re all surrounded, protected and controlled by all kinds of systems.

So why does there seem to be an inherent distrust of these systems as if they’re all out to get us?

We all know someone who thinks the government is out to get us. Who thinks that their job is biased or that the particular order of traffic lights at the end of their road never let them out. Every day there’s yet another example of something getting in their way and their determination to always hold the systems as being guilty seems be taking far more energy than would really be wise. What can they possibly be getting from the huge outlay of effort just to be blaming all kinds of problems on anything and everything around them as being a part of a major conspiracy? They just generate the same kind of dismissive expression from everyone they vent their feelings to. “Here we go again”, “I wish they’d have a day off.” We all know that there isn’t the big monster out to us and we all know that it’s only those with an axe to grind who make these claims. Those who want to abdicate some responsibility for some kind of failure by blaming a stacked deck in life. The systems we live with are all set up to help us.

Aren’t they?

Aren’t they?

What if they’re not?

As the US election circus gathers momentum there’s all the claim and counter claim that each party is aligning itself with different groups who then go on to have preferential treatment. This isn’t specific to the US, it happens everywhere, and there’ll be some kind of deck stacking going on. In business, the same rules don’t get applied evenly and I’m sure that the bankers who crashed the economy must have been glad they didn’t get held to the same standards as others when the talk turned to prison time.

So why would these issues arise?

Why is it, when confronted with the fact of the uneven systems which exist, all possible steps to redress the balance aren’t taken?

When did we move from having all of these systems in place to service the people to all of the people being there to service the system? When businesses just churn through people with the plan of work people as hard as possible for two years then change the staff to always ensure fresh hunger for reaching targets rather than making they’re product as strong as possible it does make you think that we are all here to fit into the machine.

I’m an optimist and want to believe the best in everyone. Seeing examples of injustice makes me angry but seeing that they can often be shrugged off as being the correct outcome because the system said so is even worse. Is it just that the human element within every system can be open to someone trying to gain an advantage over another which thereby takes away any impartiality? Shouldn’t the human element of empathy should be the emotion we inject rather than any form of greed?

Surely systems built to advance all rather than just a handful will help the whole. We can’t afford to leave the vast majority of the human race behind just because the systems say so.


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