Outside of the usual Monday slot but I want to show everyone this press release which has been freed onto the world for The Circle of Duty.

If you haven’t already, why not pick up a copy and join me on Facebook and Twitter.

South Wales based author Owen Elgie releases second novel in The Circle Series

It’s time to return to the world of The Circle. The dragons are waiting.
Following on from the 2015 release, The Circle of Fire, Owen Elgie sets about ramping up the action and intrigue in The Circle of Duty. Turning long held ideas regarding dragons and magic on their heads, fans of fast paced, engaging urban fantasy are sure to love this book.

Neath, South Wales – 11 July, 2016 – Having always felt that there was something missing from every book he ever read featuring dragons, Owen Elgie set about rectifying this oversight by writing the story which had never been told. The Circle of Duty is the second book of The Circle series, following on from last year’s The Circle of Fire. Combining a passion for storytelling with an eye to look at things from a different angle, Owen Elgie makes you think as he makes you marvel. Instantly accessible to all, The Circle of Duty shows you something new.


“I’d always felt that dragons as a character in so much of literature, film and TV were woefully under used,” said Owen Elgie. “They were so often mindless animals, beasts of burden or just the bad guy. I needed to show that they could be so very much more.”

“Setting the action in the here and now also allows us all to believe that we could one day come face to face with one of these majestic creatures.”

Drawing you in from the very first page, The Circle of Duty roars along at high speed and doesn’t let up until the very last word.

It can be purchased in print and on Kindle from Amazon.

For more information please contact Owen Elgie – owenelgie@yahoo.co.uk

About the author:

Owen Elgie has been drawn to storytelling within the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres for years. A keen sportsman in his youth and still a dedicated follower of many sports now, he grew up in Kent before moving to South Wales in 2003.

Son of an English father and a Welsh mother, he finally put pen to paper on a story he’d had running through his head for years which eventually became The Circle of Fire.

Originally planned as a stand-alone novel, it has since become the opening salvo in a series of five.

He is still living in the same house his grandparents lived in and is doing his best to stay creative.

See regular updates from Owen Elgie by following him on TwitterFacebook or his blog: https://owenelgie.wordpress.com/

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