Well last week saw a result that so very few people would have expected. The populous of the UK gave its opinion and that was to withdraw from the EU. Now I’m not going to spend this post ranting about the result, rather I’m going to look at the point of going it alone.

So many people have been quick to point out that this country could be better out of the shared melting pot that is the EU and they’ve all spoken to say, let’s do something different.

In life we all have times where we have to make choices. In everything we do, everything we think, we’re always having to make up our minds. We always have to assess what the right thing to do is. In so many cases, those are easy choices as the vast majority of the population would agree with the route you want to take. The problem comes when there isn’t such a majority.

How often do we see the idea of the difficult choice being portrayed in storytelling? In To Kill a Mockingbird, the simple choice would be to just let the accused receive the most basic of defence, be convicted and then hanged but that isn’t the right choice. Despite being overwhelmingly in the minority, Atticus Finch recognises that he has to be true to what he believes and do his job correctly.

Whatever reasons each of us has for making any decision, they will be the right ones for us. We all have to be sure that we are doing what we feel to be right and that single ideal is so very powerful to all tales in life. Mythology through to how we go about our lives in the most minor way are based on all of the tiny choices that we all make. A story becomes more interesting when you move away from the well trodden path and that’s where all kind of magic can unfold.

I just hope the result from last weeks referendum is the right choice.

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