Now this isn’t going to be about fruit nor is it about one of my previous posts on here. Instead I want to look at the importance of the little guy, the usually nameless bods that exist on the fringes of the stories, the minions.

We had a major power cut a couple of weeks ago and the expected problems which come with an interruption to the electricity all unfolded. The biggest point I took out of the experience though didn’t come from introspection in the dark despite it making up a chunk of a previous post. Instead it came from the work of the power company as they battled to repair all of the issues.

I called them on the day of the power cut to let them know that there was a problem and they dispatched a team to work on it immediately. Within the hour there were workmen in the road doing whatever they were doing ( I’m clueless to the details but it looked the part) before it was identified that the problem was MUCH bigger than originally expected. A few more hours and the diggers arrived and over the next day or two, a trench running along about one hundred yards of our road was opened up so cables et al could be played about with.

Now watching how all these men went about their business and more importantly, dealt with the people on the street who were being inconvenienced, was just wonderful. Every single one of them was diligent in their work but were more than happy to have a conversation with anyone who wanted to know what the prognosis was, despite no doubt having to repeat the exact same spiel each time after they’d been there all through the night.

Now the company involved have made sure that any break in power was kept to a minimum and they’ve made sure that everything has happened as fast as possible. But it’s not ‘the company’ that did the deed. It was the people. At each stage in the process it was someone who could be described as being nothing more than a minion in the company as a whole who was given the task of being the one to complete a very specific task which would be a part of the whole operation. Take any of these links out of the chain and everything could have fallen apart.

It’s certainly something that I’ve had to keep in mind when I’m writing, the task of looking smaller. It’s all too easy to be content with just the very top line of the situation when in reality, it’s all the little people that actually go into a story are what gives it the real heart.

Never forget ‘BANANA’.


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