A quickie this week.

Last week, we had a power cut. Not the most amazing point but important none the less. There I was , set ready to do a great chunk of work on the next book in the Circle series when ‘click’, the power to all of the devices and objects winked out. In that single instance, we were plunged into the past and suddenly, all of the plans I’d made of being creative were gone.

It’s remarkable how we expand to fit the comforts and necessities of the world we inhabit. As advancement continues in every facet of our lives, we just seem to get dragged along in its wake. The latest gadgets, objects or anything appear and we chase after them, altering our routines and lives to fit with the peculiarities of whatever trumpeted thing is latest on the altar of advancement. Whereas before, I’d used my laptop and just saved the work I was doing onto there, with the upgrade to a new computer, I now only have Word Online so when the power went out, so did the chance for me to do any work.

So instead, I sat down in the garden, thankfully the weather was fine, and started to read a book. On my Kindle. Which I couldn’t see the screen of because the sun glared off the screen. Eventually we went inside and the Kindle came into its own. Night fell so the Kindle made reading possible where relying on the old print version would have just had me sat in the dark feeling stupid.

Today, the power’s back and everything is returned to the here and now. I’ve been getting stuck into the writing and things seem to be going very well. Not the most amazing insights from the power cut but I did find that without electricity I was suddenly stuck for so many things. I couldn’t write because I couldn’t access the file and I couldn’t even have a cuppa. All I could think of was, was I really a writer if all I was doing was typing?


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