Hello all and welcome to post 1oo!!

I’ve been plonking along at this blog for a while now, and after a couple of false starts in the very early days, I now find myself breaching the magical three figures.

When I started out on this journey of words, all I was aiming at was writing a novel. There wasn’t any of the added bolt-on’s with what I’d set out to achieve and when all of the extra points started to get brought up, I started to get scared.

There was only going to be the book when everything kicked off and all of a sudden, added to this was first one, then another and then another task which would be needed to go with the book.

I created my Facebook page. Not the usual account but a dedicated page, just like all the proper authors, and set up my Twitter account. Soon after came this blog and in what seemed like a matter of seconds, the time that I’d just kept for writing stories was now being shared between lots of other tasks.

Now all of the originally unseen extras have settled into my routine, along with a great stack of others, and I’m brought to that most sharp of conclusions. What had started out as a hobby with a reasonably loose goal, had changed and grown day by day until I find myself here. Of all of the thoughts which have casually drifted through my mind, of the extra things which I’d never even considered when all this kicked off, the greatest lesson I’ve been able to glean from what I’m doing is the dedication required to always write, to always makes sure the latest blog post is ready and to keep the social media ticking over, is vital.

Beyond having ideas, sticking to what you’re doing is the big un’. It would have been far too easy to just let the blog slip. Too simple to just stop working on the short stories. I’ve hit post number 100 and it’s showed me that I can do all of this. All those terrible fears, the crushing self doubt, all the voices in my head which say ‘NO’, every last one of them can’t keep me away from what I’m doing.

Here’s to being creative and the next 100.


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