It’s something that we find every day through the media and indeed in our daily lives, offence. Very often we get the stories of someone saying something awful and there being a monstrous outcry in response.

“How could that person dare say that?” “In this day and age how is it possible for someone to have such a backwards mindset?”

All the talking heads start chattering and there’ll be a line as long as you can imagine, of people gearing up to give their opinion on the point, both for and against.

We’re told not to be rude as children, how we have to think of others when we speak or act, but, offence is something which is unavoidable. The second two people fall down on opposite sides of an issue, you have a disagreement but now, it seems, you’re not allowed.

You shouldn’t go out to insult everyone and extreme views should be pulled apart and exposed for the nonsense they are but why are we afraid of offence? If all we do is just tread along the so called party line for fear of proffering the unwitting offence, we end up with a single beige world view. As soon as a specific point is accepted as being correct it seems that there are more and more risks associated with daring to question any fragment of it.

None of us should be afraid to speak out against things we may disagree with just because we may cause offence to someone. Just saying “I’m offended” shouldn’t be the catch all statement which shuts down all possible dissenting voices. I’m almost certain that so many people, back in the day, would have been offended at the behaviour and beliefs of Emmeline Pankhurst as she called out for women’s rights. Just imagine the world we’d all now be in if an outpouring of righteous offence had erupted in much the same way as could take place now?

Now taking that example onwards, if the prevailing ideology of the world were suddenly to recognise that the pendulum had swung too far the other way and instead of equality, there was just denying of rights for men to keep women elevated, wouldn’t it be in the best interests of society for someone to speak out and cause a little offence?

Now, as I’ve said previously, I’m not looking to make sweeping statements regarding politics, religion or the like. All I’m doing is asking a question? As so many pieces of literature have done over the years, I’m just casting an eye onto the reverse side of a point and hoping that everyone else will do the same.

We can’t just practice perpetual appeasement with everyone and everything just in case. We all still have to be a part of a cohesive whole society and all ideals and behaviours have to be dropped in the crucible of life to decide on the correct way forward. As I said earlier, we can’t just set out to insult everyone and those who want to say whatever is on their mind regardless of the possible consequences aren’t to be applauded.

In everything I write, even the creepy or silly stuff, I’ve tried to say something which, when you move wider than just the narrative, is asking questions. I’m going to continue to do that as the writing continues and you know what, I can’t be afraid of causing just a smidge of offence just by asking questions.

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