As every artist will tell you, people not ‘getting you’ is a potentially massive fly in the ointment. Artists in every possible medium are doing their best to convey a point, a feeling, a message, but there’s always the chance that the message they’re trying to convey gets lost in the mix.

Painters may never sell a work during their lifetime yet become mightily important after their passing. Musicians may have the same problems, they’re performances may never hit the sweet spot of the public consciousness and all they’re left with is just plonking along in relative obscurity, just hoping to be listened to.

As I write, all I want to do is get my story told. I’d love to make sure somehow that everyone who reads what I produce has a level of understanding but I’m also doing my best to include as much wider consideration on all kinds of topics to help flesh out what I’ve got to say.

I’m getting my point out there but I’m trying to encourage the readers to see other points in the tale. I’m trying to get lots of ideas in the pot to make the story more of a themed buffet rather than a regimented meal. Everyone can create the mood they want from the story.

There will be some people who are just so out there in what they’re saying or doing that the wider world could miss the point. An artist could be trying things that, for most people, are far out on the fringes but for those who do ‘get’ them, the connection is enormous.

David Bowie is the latest visionary artist to leave us and I’m not suggesting I’m aiming at that kind of fame for myself but I just hope I can emulate his ethic, to keep doing what I need and try to make sure I’m understood.


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