How many books have you received as gifts at this time of year, during your lifetime? Can you remember all of them? Were they all good? No doubt we can all remember a handful of stories but what is it that makes the really good ones stand out in our minds?

At this time of year, the story of Christmas is waved around and we all recognise the details because we’ve all heard them all before so many times. So many people around the world will just ‘know’ what the details are and what the sub-text of the story is. Could you imagine having that kind of reach as an author? J.K.Rowling and then some.

Now the point of this post isn’t to make any kind of comment regarding religion, rather an investigation of longevity.

Religions are a great example of how people spread the word on a specific topic, drawing others into the shared mindset. Peoples have also passed the details of stories down through the years. The oral tradition in so many cultures has allowed for all those stories within said culture to be sent through the ages without the need for a written text. Written histories have replaced the spoken but they still perform the same function, allowing the cultural significance to be carried on.

Today, familial, national and international stories are passed around and there are more and more ways for those stories to pass from one person to the next but ease of passing has no weight on a stories longevity.

Tales of communities were given from generation to generation as part of a rite of passage, religions have been handed on as the keys to a better life but also under the threat of untold agony in the here after, and in ages gone by, this life as well.

So it would appear that a strong fan base is the way to go. If I can have fans helping me spread the word, an ever growing group of people spreading the word for me and extolling the virtues of my stories, maybe I’ll be able to have the stories of mine reaching out and lasting for who knows how long.

Enjoy the silly season everyone, and if you’re at a loss for a gift idea, give The Circle of Fire a go.

Spread the word.


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