We’ve all got them in our lives. It doesn’t matter what we do for a living, what we enjoy doing in our free time or any other number of variables, the deadline is out there just waiting to pounce.

It’s akin to a mix of Jason Vorhees and Big Brother (the character in the book not what gets paraded as a reality show). It’s that thing that is just always there, casually watching over you from a distance but is ever so slowly edging closer.Every day, regardless of what it is you’re doing, that deadline will always be creeping that little bit nearer until they loom over us, blotting out all of the light.

I hate deadlines.

But I need them.

I’ll readily admit that I get distracted easily. I do find that my mind is more than a little keen to go running off in all manner of different directions chasing after flashing lights or bright colours so the deadline is more than needed. I suppose you could argue that it’s that kind of mind that led me to make up the world within the book in the first place but that boundary of the deadline is there to keep me aimed properly. The deadline is so easily seen as the whip wielding brute, the threat you have to appease by preparing your tribute, but for me, it’s not just the monster. It’s the steadying hand of the sage master. It’s my guide to always keep me heading in the right way so I don’t get lost in all of the distracting nonsense that life can throw at you.

I do hate deadlines but just because my own attention span can be so ‘vibrant’ shows that they’re vital.

Just keep in mind that I’m closing in on my deadline for the next book. Sage guide or terrifying monster, either way I’ve just got to get the work done.

I think I can hear the monster breathing down my neck.


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