I’ve tried a great many things in my writing journey, to move a story into new and interesting areas but one thing I really have to concentrate with is the comedy aspect.

In the real world all things funny happen in a very different way than that which appear within the pages of a book. The way comedy is shaped in words tends to be a very different animal to tame.

In the real world, we can indulge ourselves with wordy jokes and stories, but we have the luxury of purely visual comedy as well. The time honoured tradition of tripping up or slipping over are purely there to see. We take in the detail and just enjoy the pure realness of it. Surely a description of the event would lose something in the translation, an important piece of the picture would be taken out, almost washing the colour from the image.

But surely that doesn’t mean that all we get left with is the ‘two men walk into a pub’ type of humour?

I’ve read a joke story in the past and found it funny, but when the same story has been delivered by a good comic, it picks up levels of funny purely in the delivery. By the same token, you take the same joke and have it delivered by a bad comic and it’s going to fall on it’s face. Does this mean a joke is only going to be of a certain calibre until it’s told? That the telling is what can imbue or rob it of energy?

As I write various situations and encounters, I can see how they’d play out in the real world but it’s a constant need to always maintain a level of control of my enthusiasm. Adding funny to what I’m saying is a tough task. Something I’ve tried to always bring into what I write is making the characters do the work. They are the ones doing the telling on any situation, be it an interpretation of someone falling over, a one liner or a wordy effort.

Comedy is a really tough genre to deal in, as are all of the others, and should it be done badly, it’s cruelly obvious. I’m always doing my best to expand what I do I just hope I at least amusing in my future efforts.


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