Who likes books?

Who likes the Kindle?

Who likes both?

A book is a wonderful thing. The everything that is bound in place in a book can be any and all things. A book is a portal to so far beyond the whatever you can see around you as to send you to every corner of possible existence.

But evolution is happening within books. Reading machines of different makes are now very common. The Kindle is probably the most famous name in that field and I’m sure that we’ve all seen people holding a device of this kind when on holiday, relaxing by the pool as they read the particular story they’ve chosen but with the knowledge that they have a whole library of other books just waiting to be picked, at their fingertips.

But are they really better?

Yes you get the chance to save space and store all kind of novels without having to build your own library to do it but are we losing something as we move away from the paper pages of a physical book?

We all know the delight of turning the first virginal page of a new book. But as the book ages, the volumes that we’ve read so often, it starts to collapse through overuse. They become moulded by us and it almost grows individually as we affect it. Kindles don’t age like that. The smell from the book is also reassuring. It’s a heady mix of toil and wonder. The locations within almost seeming to leak out, enticing you to commit. You don’t get that from the machine.

So which is better?

I look at the many shelves of books we have at home and they just make me feel good. All the enjoyment I’ve had lost in the worlds. But my Kindles have all kinds of books on them that that I don’t have to store in vast constructs from IKEA. The real books just have to be picked up to be read whereas the Kindle has to have power.

So which do you prefer?

I know this will sound like a cop out but I like them both.

I like the convenience of the reading machines but I enjoy the tangible feel of a novel. That’s why I published my novel in both formats so all those people out there who prefer one or the other could give it a go.

Maybe in the future there’s going to be other ways to read a book. Absorbing it directly via touch? Whatever happens, I think we should always just remember that regardless of device, it’s the story itself that really gets the mind racing.


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