Those of you out there who’ve been following my writing journey for a while will remember the almost giddy enthusiasm I had when I was running through the final stages and eventual publication of my book, The Circle of Fire. I’d been working on the thing for years but finally decided to pull my finger out and get the story out there.

Then, one by one, people started to read it and, even enjoy it.

I was getting asked lots of questions about the on-going story and what else I had planned with regards to the series, so taking the idea that I’d need to be releasing a book a year, I began to tell people who were interested that I was working on the second in the series and I was aiming for an early 2016 release date somewhere, similar to where the first book was released.

People seemed happy with that and now I keep getting comments from friends and family of “Finished yet?” as they wait patiently for the next instalment.

All run of the mill stuff but it gave me a new addition to my writing efforts, an added factor that wasn’t in play for the first book. Now I have an end date. Now I have a deadline.

Deadlines are bastards.

I’m not a fan of deadlines. I’m lazy. I think deep down we all are to some degree. Surely we’d all just rather take our collective time and not have that kind of pressure in our lives. We seem to be perpetually running against the clock in all we do, completing everything against an expectation of ‘NOW’. How many times have we had to bump something really enjoyable just because that something else just had to happen at that exact moment?

That said, I may not be a fan of deadlines but they don’t half help me actually get things done. As someone who is lazy, knowing that something has to be completed at a certain time can really focus my attention. I know that I can’t afford to amble along at my preferred speed and I knuckle down. That still usually happens at the later stages of the allotted time but still.

We hate them but we need them. Deadlines, well, rules in general, are there to give us structure, give us an understanding of where the lines are in our lives so we can colour inside them. How we view them, that’s what creates the issues. Is a deadline a goal or a threat? It’s up to us.

My deadline for book two is approaching fast but don’t panic, I’ll be finished in plenty of time.



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