Just to get the point out there, this isn’t about diesel or the like. Instead, this week I bring you the importance of always finding that fuel for the creative fires that always need to be fanned.

As a writer, I’m always working on ideas for future projects and all that work has to be driven by something. We could inject the fuel ourselves, just pushing at the ideas and turning them over and over as you go. We could read and read and read and keep the tanks topped up that way or we could watch all kinds of TV shows or movies and absorb the thoughts.

I’ve done all three of those and all kinds of others to boot but this past weekend, I was lucky enough to have a great time with great friends. We watched episodes of our favourite shows, talked on a very wide range of topics, had a drink or two and all together had a great time. And this weekend served as the most potent fuel I’ve had in some time.

Just picture it.

Over the last few months, trying to get anything done on the projects I’ve got under way has been proving to be tougher than I’d care to admit. I’ve not been crushed by the time element but more the lack of a driving force to keep the hammer down. And you know what? The last weekend was just what I needed. It just let me wallow in all of the ‘stuff’ that I loved within sci-fi and fantasy and just by listening to all the conversations which were going on, just letting the torrents of ideas and thoughts swirl all around me, gave me the most wonderful creative soup to digest.

I was able to drink in that energy and I’ve suddenly replenished a pool I wasn’t really sure was empty.

So I thank my friends, those who helped me remember what it was that I most loved about the genres I play with and topped up the almost sputtering engine on my car.

Now to get creative again.


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