Science fiction and fantasy are very big places. Just think about all of the sub-genres that exist under those banners that you’ve ever encountered. I’ve recently read the Ecko books by Danie Ware ( third instalment coming soon ) and I really had to cling on for dear life as it jumped from one topic to another which, at first glance, should never have been linked. I won’t give away the details but I’d encourage everyone to hunt the books out and give them a go, just make sure you’re strapped in first. They are stunning.

If I’d heard the description of what was taking place before I’d read them, I could have been put off, thinking that the idea was too ‘out there’ to make any sense. I could have thought that there was no way that those ideas could mesh together to make the story anything other than nonsense. Thankfully I read it almost blind of preconceptions and was greeted with something that slammed disparate themes together to form a brutally compelling whole.

So I ask all of you to think. Why can’t we see any and all mash ups of story bounding about?

The question was asked in my head when my wife bought tickets to see the stage performance of The Rocky Horror Show. The perfect example of a story which is sci-fi but is unashamedly musical alongside any number of other fragments which fit together to make up the whole. On paper, this is something which could have been a shuddering mess but as all who’ve seen it will testify, it’s anything but. Richard O’Brien slammed together themes and ideas and what was created was a clear indication that anything could work.

When I started to write The Circle of Fire, I considered how I should embellish the narrative and I had that moment of fear that if I added anything that was potentially incorrect in terms of style, I’d drag the link away from the reader. Eventually, I just wrote and the story became the story.

I’m working on a short story at the moment that has zombies in space and I’m playing with other ideas which try to mash together all kinds of other things just because they could be interesting.

Long may it continue.

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