This weekend I attended the Heroes and Legends event in Margam. I’m a regular convention goer but it was the first time that I’ve taken part in an event like this as a trader. I’ve spent many an hour casually meandering about halls and conference centres as I investigate the goings on but seeing one of these events from the other side of the table is a very odd experience.

It highlighted to me something which I’d considered but hadn’t really given that much thought. Now to sell my wares and encourage everyone going past that they need to buy the book.

I set my little stall out and gathered myself together for the off. On the table next to me was Kiran Shah, a stunt performer and actor who’s been in a huge number of my favourite films. Return of the Jedi and Lord of the Rings to name two.

Yup. I fanboyed a little as I introduced myself but he was great. We chatted and there we both were, both getting set to work the same event. I felt amazing.

When the doors opened, I came face to face with the public and suddenly understood that I needed to create my own sales pitch. I’d been so focused on just the book and then Facebook et al that I had no clue how best to speak to the public. How should I best phrase things? Should I be pushy like a Del Boy market trader or just wait for people to make the first move?

I tried them both and grades of in between and had some success but it’s clear to me that I need to work on that side of things to get the best results.

As is the case for so many things in life, being an author isn’t just writing the book. The wider picture is so very much more.

So, can I interest anyone in a signed copy of the book?


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