Time for a more visual post this week.

I read one of the reviews on Amazon for my book and it made a point that the reader couldn’t help but imagine the way the story would look on the big screen. Now I know everybody will foster some kind of dream of one day seeing their work turned into something on the big screen. Thanks to the over whelming success of J.K.Rowling, every author will have, probably only the barest hint of mind, sat back and wondered, “Who would be good in these roles if someone wanted to throw $200 million at this?”

I have an evolving image in my mind of who would play who from my book but for me it was so much more than just fantasy wish fulfillment. The wish fulfillment bit for me was a tiny sliver, barely there at all really.


When I started out I had a route in my head of where the narrative was going. I knew that I had the bones of what was going on set, character A was going to experience situation 1, meet character B then character C and so on until climactic event and resolution. The writing process for me was creating the story but fleshing out all of the details as I went. When I started to name everyone, that was the first step into making them ‘real’ and that was quickly followed by what they should look like.

Putting the events together as I wrote, I’d always be imagining what the characters would look like doing all of these fantastical things. Not from the aforementioned wish fulfillment, but because I have a visual way of working. I imagine ( as much as I can ) the reality of what could be taking place. I try and sit in the room watching the action unfold, listen to the dialogue as it’s delivered. I’ve even had my wife strike a certain pose for me so I could hold that as a point of reference for a set of action. I still have the photo on my phone.

(Get your minds out of the gutter will you!)

Having the knowledge of the casting of the parts helps me to imagine the world I’m trying to put together. If I can see who is doing what in my head, it makes it much easier for me create the story that’s unfolding around them. I can have real people interacting in my head as I try things out for the story. Having the people running around in my head like that just seems to make things easier. So here are who I see in the main roles in my head when I write but I’ve also changed them a few times as I’ve met people and seen people doing different things so this may change again. What do you think?

Anthony Johns

Andrea Thomich – but with snow white hair

Lloyd Jones

The Elder A or B – The Elder is a title not a reference to age.


There are lots more but all of these characters are the main ones to bear in mind when you read The Circle of Fire. I hope you can see what I mean but if anyone has different ideas about who would be the best fit I’d be more than happy to hear from you.


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