We’ve all done it. We’ve all had to drag ourselves out of the almost unending comfort of our bed and face the stark reality that is another day at work. For whatever reason, on that awful day, we are left devoid of any kind of impetus to do anything. All we have available to us is to take a deep breath and do our best just to get through the day without getting fired.

This isn’t writers block. This is worse. You’ve got the ideas but just can’t get them out.

We can all claim knowledge of the lesser spotted wonder day where energy, enthusiasm and every kind of positivity known to the human race surges through us and there isn’t anything that can stop us from getting things done, but more often we are trapped in the clutches of the former.

As I wrote this piece a few months ago, I was laying in bed before a dwindling period of sleep which lead into a 5 am alarm and a thirteen hour shift. Not the sort of day any of us really want to get stuck into but stuck in I got.

But when you have to be creative, what happens when the day of doom reaches up and grabs you?

I’ll tell you what happens.


Not a bloody thing.

I’ve been stuck staring at the screen of my laptop, doing my best to push through the ropes being tied around my mind and no matter what I try, I get stuck with a big fat zero. I have tried to write regardless of the mental fog but the results tend to be iffy at best through to practically offensively bad.

You can bang your head against a wall as much as you want, but whenever you find yourselves in the clutches of this lethargy, there really isn’t any point trying to force it. If anything, pushing against it seems to just make it worse.

So, in conclusion. If you ask me what I’ve done on any given day and I respond, nothing, it doesn’t always mean I’ve been lazy. I just know that when it’s not my day, there isn’t a single thing to be done except watch YouTube and wait for the fog to lift.


2 thoughts on “NO MEANS NO

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve just got back from a holiday and I spent a great many hours in the bar with my kindle and a wireless keyboard, forcing like there was no tomorrow.

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