Who’s better?

Han Solo or Captain Mal Reynolds?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Buffy or Twilight?

Everyone is a fan of something and if we really get drawn into a specific book / film / fandom, there really is no stopping us as we’ll be happy to shout from the rooftops, extolling the many and varied virtues of said obsession.

A well written book is a dangerous thing indeed. One minute you’re relaxing at home and the next, you’re in deep space, at the bottom of the sea or even at the dawn of the universe. Action, adventure, intrigue and romance. Political machinations and philosophical debate, childish humor and horrific violence. All of these things lurk inside a book and when we find that perfect fit for us there really is nothing to do but spread the word far and wide that this is the greatest story ever told.

But there’s always that one person who wants to start trouble isn’t there? That absurdly misguided soul who somehow doesn’t agree with what you’re saying. You think that Buffy is worlds ahead of that sparkling fool from Twilight and they just look at you like you’ve just insulted them, their family, their country and their goldfish.

How can feelings differ so much?

We all have our obsessions. We all have that particular ‘thing’ which is ours. I’m a huge fan of my thing. I’m more than willing to explain to anyone that my thing is the greatest thing ever and they really need to give my thing a try, their life will never be the same again, all thanks to the power of my thing. Just ask my wife, she loves my thing.

My thing is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

But I know there will be people who don’t feel the same way as me. Some may even dislike that which I find to be perfect, but, you must always hold as sacred that, you know what, some people may not like what you do.

We all know of times when we’ve practically had an argument when someone dares disagree about the subject of our fan love. Factions have soon sprung up and soon they were known as ‘Those Bloody Mutant X Nutters’ and the glares of the sci-fi fan cold war began.

But that is the issue.

Why the hell would we alienate ourselves from people who may enjoy other things we do just not the big one (back to my thing again). All of the times we spend involved in the communities etc. we love is about having a great time. By all means share the love but if people don’t want to know, don’t ram your thing down their throat. Just ask them to give it a try and if they don’t fancy it, such is life.

I want everyone to spread the word about my book, The Circle of Fire, but lets not start any fights about it.

Well, not until the Hollywood movie anyway.


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