I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to a series of pieces about new / indie authors and the reasons behind their journey into words.

So this piece is purely about me. All the back story of why I’ve done what I’ve done to bring my first novel to the world.

Don’t forget to drop by Vanessa’s page and see what she’s up to, it’s good stuff.

Vanessa Deroo

Four Weeks. Four Mondays. Four Authors. Why Do I Write is a series of thoughts written by indie authors I read, like and admire. 

This week, fellow sci-fi enthusiast Owen Elgie about his writing journey. Owen and I met during a convention and I later found out he was consumed with words, just like the rest of us. His first book, The Circle of Fire, is out now and contains everything fantasy fans ask for. Thank you Owen, and enjoy the ride.


I’m a nerd.

But I’m also not.

For all time, I’ve been a massive fan or Star Wars, Star Trek and the like. But I’ve always been a keen sportsman and have played many sports to representative levels.

On paper, I have interests at opposite ends of the continuum. On paper, I am a maelstrom of contradictions. I’m the nerd and the jock at the same time.

For the longest time…

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