I have regularly been told by my friends and family who sit outside of the various fandom circles I inhabit, that I take things too seriously.

“You do know it’s not real don’t you?”

“It is make believe you know.”

All the various issues that the characters in my favourite TV shows, films and books were going through wrapped me up totally. I was right beside all of them as they went through the trials and tribulations of whatever adventure they were confronted by. All of the suspense, the excitement and the loss was mine as well as theirs.

I just couldn’t help it.

As a youngster, the last third of ET was heart-wrenching, it still is. Transformers was equal parts up lifting and distressing. As an adult, the end of The Iron Giant has me in floods of tears and as I’ve said before in a previous post, the end of the reboot series of Battlestar Galactica is crushing as the mighty ship rides off into the sunset.

But this last few days has brought a majorly harrowing event back to the forefront of my mind.

I am, of course, referring to the loss of Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.

He was a massive part of my fanboy experiences over the years, bringing the Vulcan member of the crew of The Enterprise to life and making him such a vital part of the psyche of sci-fi fans the world over. He was also Galvatron in the original animated Transformers film. This time he was the maniacal beast but there was never any risk of there being the moment of “It’s the bloke with funny ears in Star Trek speaking” from me when I watched it. Not only that, but he directed as well. We all know about Star Trek but another big one was Three Men and a Baby. The guy had some skills.

Leonard Nimoy was one of many people who reached in and touched our lives and we cheered along with all of them, we felt all of their successes, all of their losses, but most of all, we just felt.

Through the various forms of story telling he was involved with he was able to make every story crackle with life and feeling. He was epic.

So we stand, now, on the edge of a world where he has boldly gone and left us all. Someone who was responsible for making the nonsense of space ships and robots gripping beyond the point of sanity, who made ‘make believe’ so compelling it made loads of us obsess about it to the point that our family and friends see the need to remind us of where the boundaries of reality are.

So for all of us, Star Trek fans, Transformers fans, hell just us fans, Leonard Nimoy, we all salute you sir.


  1. And I in turn salute all the fans of Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock. I only wish you all could have known him as a person, warm, kind, generous, intelligent, and a wonderful person to have as a friend.

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