That’s right world. We’re all approaching the big day and we all have to try our best to strike a balance between seeing family, relaxing and splurging wads of cash on all manner of who knows what.

I had written a post in preparation for tonight but today has changed my mind on what I was going to say.

It had previously all been about the importance of longevity in storytelling, how the human race use stories to say any and everything but that will have to go back in the box and be re-worked for a future date.

Instead, I ask everyone to make the most of whatever or whoever they have in their lives that makes them smile. There are so many things that seem to be forming a line to take a swipe at us as we make our way through life, we’ve got to remember to stop and make the most of the good bits.

Everyone have a good time with whoever or whatever brings you joy and enjoy the silly season. I’ll be bringing monsters and magic and who knows what else to this blog in the new year so stay with me.

Have a good ‘un.


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