When I started writing my first novel, all I could see was the need to finish the story. I was quickly consumed by the ever evolving story in my head, with the tiny details of character and location, of the long narrative to be told over the entire series. But recently, the need to look beyond the core project of the story has appeared.

How do you choose the cover for your book?

My story is based on Dragons and magic with the title ‘The Circle of Fire’. My first idea centred around an image which represents the title. The problem that this gave was the unfortunate similarity with The Hunger Games, both books and films. The last thing I need would be to have my book dismissed as nothing more than a knock off of the popular series.

The next avenue for me was something specifically around Dragons. My story has elements of humour but the Dragons are still meant to be powerful and potentially scary so looking at a huge number of the images out there, there seemed to be far too many comedic pictures of smiling pot bellied kids fare to give the correct image. Add to this all of the pictures of Dragons battling knights in armour or generally being portrayed as the baddies of the piece and the pool of options dwindles even further.

So what to do?

I have found a couple of decent possibilities (thank you Shutterstock) but I’m looking for advice.

All of you out there reading this have the chance to give me some ideas. Can you all give a comment with what you think would be a good cover for my debut novel.

Just think of a story with a flavour of The Dresden Files and Rivers of London. The more the merrier. Jim Butcher and Ben Aaronovitch have a lot to answer for.

Just think Dragons, fire and magic and let’s see what we can see.


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