You know what? I’ll admit it. There may be a little bit of wish fulfillment in the stories I write.

I’ve pointed out before that there will be elements of me that will no doubt creep into the characters and the story as a whole but that I’m always trying my best to be able to skirt the line of just making myself the main character and becoming the all conquering super hero.

It’s tempting though.

Who wouldn’t want to have any and all abilities to do, say or have anything and everything the heart could ever desire?

Look at your life?

What is it you want the most?

Unlimited money? Flight? Super intelligence? All of them and more?

A writer has unlimited power to create the world and the systems he or she wants. They can be everything. They can be anything. Do anything. They can have anything and there will be no-one to stop them having the kind of world unfold that their deepest desires may want.

For the writer who is so inclined, they can become an almost God like creator of their very own perfect existence where all of the perceived injustices they find in the real world can be corrected. The little guy will finally win out. Evil will no longer rule the roost and justice will finally, finally be served.

And so I return to my admission that there is a little wish fulfillment in my first book, The Circle of Fire. I don’t mean the Dragon stuff, the magic or the wealth. The action is cool but not anything I’d like to see first hand, it’d more than likely hurt.

The one detail in there which is purely down to my own wishing?

Amongst all of the Dragon fighting and intrigue, I just want to see Wales win at rugby.

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