You know what? I don’t have anything to say this week.


Alright I know I didn’t run off really but that was probably the best way to get the ball rolling.

Every week I kick around ideas and thoughts about my on-going journey through the avenues of words and do my best to be able to showcase just how my fevered mind functions. Most will recognise that the time that these posts appear each week has been slowly creeping later and later just because life gets in the way, work is getting livelier and making sure everything is just so just seems to be taking a little longer.

But this week I’ve really struggled to find the topic to talk about. I ran into the barriers and flashing beacons of writers block.


And so I give you all my feelings on this phenomena and just how much power it wields. Who knew that writers block could be the thing that gets you moving?

Everyone knows the phrase writers block. It’s part of the lexicon of terms that we all know and use and yet, so few of the people in the world would call themselves writers. If writers block damages those people who aren’t ‘writers’ just consider those of us who are trying to build coherent stories. I readily accept that I’m far from being, what I hesitate to call, a proper writer, but one day, that’s the target. Just imagine your income is based solely on the product of your creative efforts and you smack into a brick wall. Never going to be a great time.

I always have different snippets of narrative popping up in my head as I go about my day. It’s a bit like white noise really, just playing along in the background that I occasionally notice and have a mull about. I enjoy that mull. That mull gives me great pleasure, shining a light on the pieces of the puzzles of the book I’m writing and giving me the chance to try assembling them in slightly different ways.

But occasionally, just occasionally, I find myself utterly cut off from those soaring images. There’s nothing there. I’m left with no white noise that I can view and try things out with the story. Now if that happens when I’m doing something else, not too bad but you have no idea how frustrating it gets when I get cut off from my well of ideas when I’m supposed to be writing. Just having the cursor on the screen winking away in the most taunting fashion imaginable is like fire on my skin. It’s just horrible when no matter what I try, nothing seems to help.

I’ve been known to sift through videos on Youtube looking for something to kick start my head. I read books in the genre hoping to trip over something which may light the blue touch paper and I have a collection of calenders and the like with Dragons and other fantastical creatures in them which could help me in terms of inspiration.

But sometimes, nothing helps. I just get stuck, bereft of wonder and lacking anything that can start my process off again. And you know what. All I can do is walk away. There’s just nothing I can do to force it and nothing I try will have any effect. If I try my usual bag of tricks and I can’t re-start my mental engine there is no use banging your head against the wall for hours on end. All that I’m left with is to just shut the computer down and wander off to do whatever else I fancy, If I look away for a while then I can get back to it later on or maybe even on another day.

So in conclusion, writers block is a pain in the bum and stops so much work. Your head knots you up and there’s no saving you. Just spare a thought for me when I’m stuck on stuff. If I get caught again, I’ve used up the writers block post now so could be in trouble.


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