This post has been a bit of a brain teaser for me. What the hell can I say next? Eventually, I reasoned that with my first book set to arrive in the near future, I’d put together a bit of a ‘Making of’ series to accompany the novel. My first effort will give a small glimpse into the characters.

First off, the main character is not me! I know it could seem that I’ve made myself the would be hero of the piece after the first read but that’s not the case.I made the main character have the back story of being of Welsh heritage but living in London and had him work in the fitness industry in some way to help the reader imagine their own image of the lead.

I have written from what I know (Welshman in England and fitness) but my intention was to create a physicality to who the main character is. I wanted there to be a very clear sensation for the reader to be able to pick out potential conflict and feuds, not simply because of the later fantastical events but by seeing that even without all of those things, Anthony will be having troubles relating to people and places.

The main female character, Andrea (And-ray-ah. Don’t get it wrong, she has an icy glare like no other) had to then be an opposite to Anthony to be able to immediately put something in his way. She isn’t just there to be the walk on love interest either. I wanted there to be a tension between them which just lets them both be a mirror for the other person, each asking outward and inward questions all the time.

Around them, there are a wide range of other people but two I do like a great deal are Lloyd and Tyus. One is the monster of the piece, a calculating brute with no morals and the other, just that  normal person we all know who just makes things easy while not letting anyone get too big for their boots. Both, though, give Anthony gifts and pain.

I hope that this will open the door a little on some of the thought processes which were helping me build the story. I don’t want to say too much more for fear of spoiling the fun.

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