As I posted on Facebook last week, my first novel, The Circle of Fire, will be published in the near future. I’ve been working on it for several years as the first book in a series of five and since I embarked on this voyage into the wide expanse of literary water, Dragons and other creatures and situations seem to have been all that has been sharing my ship of creativity.

The concern is now, what do I write next?

The Circle series is pretty much sorted in terms of the overall storyline with the individual books just needing to be fully moulded to become the separate fragments of the whole. Then I’ve just got to sit down and get them written.

But I can’t just leave my creative effort as being the Dragon books and be happy that I completed the work on them. I have other ideas lurking just behind my eyes, all banging at the windows of my soul, trying their best to break free but which ones should I use next?

The difficult second album.

I’ve got a couple of stories based around the idea of the effects choices have on your life which attack the topic from different angles. One pretty much grew naturally by just stringing ideas together and pondering (you’ve got to be strong at pondering to do this) but the other really did come to me in a dream. Concerningly, the dream looked a little like it had been directed by Michael Bay but I’ll do my best to tone the lens flare down when I write it. One of them would make a good teen story where the other would be more of a darker, adult affair. Either way, options.

Then we disappear to the bottom of the ocean for another tale of adventure and discovery. I have read some H.P. Lovecraft so that may account for the salt water inspiration but Cthulhu won’t be appearing. I haven’t decided yet where to aim this story but I think there could be a young adult feel about. We’ll have to wait and see.

From below the waves, we burst into outer space and discoveries in the far reaches of our solar system. As a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, the chance to write a space adventure of some kind is just too good to miss. The wonder and complexity of the universe is enough to fire the mind on its own. When you throw people into the mix, the lines of intrigue which open up are just mind-bending.

From there we move back to planet Earth but into the future and a look at the dynamics of power. This was one of the first ideas I had for following up the Dragon books and I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for it. Should be fun when I get to it.

Add to these a handful of short stories of different topics of science fiction, fantasy and horror I want to get down on paper to include in the anthology of about twelve I’ve already completed, and there is going to be quite a pile of stuff coming in the future.

But I’m still stuck when trying to decide on what the next one’s going to be?

Should it be something very far away from the Dragon series and jump into the future?
Should I stick with the fantasy side of things and or move towards a more straight sci-fi story?
Should I write a dark moody adult tale or a brighter, younger story?

All these questions have to be considered? I want to make certain that I can appeal to people with what I’m writing but I’m not just doing this to obsess about fame. I want to make sure that everything I write is what it is meant to look like. I want to be happy with each story I tell so I suppose that the choices of every aspect have to come down to me. I’ll always listen to what people tell me but I’ll have to work on the project which ‘feels’ right.

I’ve got a feeling about what I‘ll be working on after I’ve finished up with what I’m working on at the mo but I think it’s only fair to keep that to myself.

Trust me though, it’ll be worth the wait.

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