I saw a wonderful picture on the interweb which sum up the biggest hurdle to me being able to write everything I have in mind.

Good Writer



This sums up my writing far too accurately. For something I’m really enjoying and am keen to get moving, I seem far too easily distracted by the most ridiculous things. I haven’t built an office supplies rocker with bulldog clips but You Tube does seem to magically find its way onto my computer with far too little effort.

I’ve got no idea why I get distracted so easily doing something I enjoy but I always seem to crash up against something. It starts as a minor case of writers block and then, without blinking, I’m two hours into cat videos and epic fails.

On the plus side though, watching Ancient Aliens is one of my time eaters but at least I can actually manage to stockpile some ideas and detail. That and turning away from the writing for a while can suddenly get your brain sputtering again. Similar to not thinking about a problem and the answer then suddenly presenting itself.

Maybe a little procrastination can be useful. It can give your mind the much needed hose down it could be craving. The challenge just becomes making sure there isn’t too much of it. I’m sure that there isn’t a writer out there who hasn’t found themselves watching the afternoon fizz by and been powerless to do anything about it. I hope that’s the case anyway.

Well the journey continues, even against the hypnotic, siren like power of the internet.

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