Motivation seems to be the perennial ingredient in so many situations that the world comes across. Someone was motivated enough to do something or they weren’t motivated enough and they did nothing.

It was certainly true that I was motivated to write, threading together one hundred and forty some odd thousand words into some form of cohesive whole is not something that you just do on a whim, but it made me think about what the motivations actually were. It is often heard said by ‘they’ that everyone has a book in them. I finally got round to letting mine out.

I’ve always been fond of stories of so many kinds and the chance to climb into a far off land, a different body or different time has been explored regularly. I include films and TV as well as graphic novels alongside the traditional book as ways that I could become more than I was in tales of adventure, intrigue and escapism. It’s not that I disliked the real world, for all those reading the previous comment about escapism and rubbing their chins in sage fashion, I just had all manner of more amazing things going on in my head.
Growing up, I’m reasonably certain that my parents would agree that I was obsessed with Star Wars and Star Trek but with so many other sci-fi and fantasy tales as well. All offered tales of bravery and honour and each one gave me ideas where my own stories could wander. I began to bolt ideas of my own together as parts of a wider story. What characters looked like. What activities would take place. And the big one, Why?

But over the years, nothing more than that happened. Another passion of mine is sport and that came to the forefront of my life, relegating all ideas of far off lands to the back of my mind. My wandering brain kept picking up knew titbits along the way and I would cast them into the winds of thought in my head but there was never any more structure than that. I just allowed them to flutter about my subconscious mind almost as a distraction. It was akin to just flicking through videos about funny cats on Youtube. Puts a smile on your face but nothing more.

When I actually found myself in a position to actually sit down and write, it was because I made the determined decision to do it.
I had been motivated by the desire to read the story that had been created in the back of my mind in idle snatched thoughts over the previous years. I now had the bang to actually do something because the story I wished I could read hadn’t been written yet.
Do all authors feel the same about getting started? Did they all just want to tell stories and ultimately show themselves to be very adept at it?

The first book I wrote is all about Dragons and anyone who looks at any of the imagery on my Twitter and Facebook etc. will see that they do pop up very regularly. I was after the Dragons to be more than simply beasts. I was tired of seeing the Dragon rendered simply as a mindless creature and one which was out to do harm.

Why are Dragons so often the bad guys? In so many tales, the hero has to defeat the dreaded beast that has been terrifying a town, the Dragon reduced to being nothing more than a way to get the hero and heroine together. I’m sure some Dragons are real bastards but surely there are going to be a few good ones floating about? Add to this that the scope of storytelling available using the Dragon as the main character has to be more exciting?

I was also keen to see a Dragon now. In so many tales including the presence of a Drake, Wyvern or Wurm, the action is set in a medieval time frame. It’s all sorcery, swords and sandals. Chuck a Dragon, even a hero Dragon, into society today and see what would happen. Again loads of scope to explore a great many things.

Now I know that each of these points has been dealt with in literature over the years and the Dragon isn’t always depicted as the monster to kill everyone but I just knew that I had to write the story in my head. I’d realised that I needed to tell it so I sat down and told it.
I’ve got notes all over my desk in our office at home concerning other stories including traveling into space, adventure under the waves and some stuff about what it means to be human. Add to that an ever growing little stable of short stories and there should be more than just the first tale of Dragons to show the world.

I hope everyone enjoys them.

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