Time is a very concerning thing.

There have been tales of machines, bombs, lords and warps connected to time over the years and each new story has fired the imaginations of people the world over, including mine. The field of ‘time’ in story telling offers so many possibilities for adventures, questions and all manner of other hijinks that there is an almost limitless landscape spread out before readers / watchers.

But time isn’t just an undulating land of possibilities and dreams. It’s also a wild and unforgiving monster which is more than capable of up-ending your world and robbing you of every hope you may have had for each day.

The problem comes when we try to catch hold of time and make it do our bidding.

There’s always someone in our lives saying that there’s never enough time, that time waits for no man or you have to make the most of all the time we have. There will also be the ones who like to point out the oddness of the English language in our pursuit of time, as was highlighted in the Matrix films, “If you never take time, how can you ever have time?”

Indeed, Time Management has become a vital part of delivering in business and people the world over are regularly told that their time management skills are the keystone for success in any and all fields.

Should we all be able to bend time itself to our wishes? If we can’t are we somehow lesser human beings? Now there’s an idea for a story.I know I’ll get around to writing that someday.

Which brings me to the issue of time for the aspiring author.

Some of my stories will have, in some capacity, discussions of the effects of time on people, places and ideas. There will no doubt be similar ideas to other stories which have taken place in any long passed age but time is a more pressing concern for me when I’m writing.

There just isn’t enough of it!

I have a full time job which is currently having me driving here, there and everywhere so gets in the way of my creative process. Gardening is another issue for the up and coming writer. Add in a sprinkling of housework, a dash of shopping, just a pinch of family and a dollop of sleep and the chance to actually get anything done is dwindling terribly. Never mind the drooling creatures and diabolical devices hell bent on the control of time. Without really trying, every author must have a raft of stories detailing their hellish battles with the controllers of time from their day to day struggles just to sit down and write.

All I need to know now is how do you end the story by vanquishing the monster, disarming the device and winning the day to assume the mantle of controller of time?

I do my best to be able to fit my writing in around the fun and games of the real world but there is always something which seems to be vying for whatever piece of the day you may have put aside for the job of actually writing the book you’ve had in your head for so long.

That said, I am now taking some time off work with the express purpose of climbing back into the world I’m putting together on the page to really smash out a chunk of the work. I will get back into good habits and the book will be sorted soon.

Watch this space, I’ll have information about the book up on here in no time.

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