How do?

Welcome to the opening salvo from the fevered mind of Owen Elgie. My intentions are to spread my view of things, no doubt trundle through a raft of strange ideas but also to unleash the stories which have been banging on my mind trying to get out for far too long.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d always known that ‘they’ say everyone has a book in them. It just seems to have developed into a well known truth without anyone really making a great deal of follow up to the statement. Everyone has a book in them? Everyone?

I’d always had some very peculiar story ideas bouncing around my head involving space travel, magic, monsters and anything in between but they’d always just sat there as being something that was just a daydream and nothing more. I always viewed myself as someone who just let his mind meander rather than someone who could actually put sentences together into coherent enough form to constitute something serious. Books were written by other people.

Well, things are different now. Ish.

A few years ago my wife introduced me to the writing of Jim Butcher. For those who don’t know, Jim Butcher is the author of The Codex Alera series of books and The Dresden Files novels. One is a series of books dealing with a magical land of knights and fantastical warfare and the other is a tale of a wizard / PI and the adventures he experiences.

When I read the first Dresden Files book, Storm Front, I realised that I was reading a book almost exactly tailored to me as a reader. All of the characters and the action, the humour and excitement left me utterly hooked and I’ve munched through all of the stories in super fast time. These were books that ticked all of my boxes for what should go into a story. They were mega page turners and I flew through them, all the time thinking that maybe my own journeys through the landscape of my imagination weren’t quite so ridiculous after all.

The decision to do something myself was driven by those stories.

I picked the creatures and ideas that had been burning the brightest and the longest and set about writing my own novel.

I tried to plan out a route for the story to take which would make it both exciting but also give me a chance to give weight to the arguments of what they were trying to say. The success of this is still truly to be seen. As we speak, I am currently re-doing a few points and then it will be off to my beta team so they can have a run through it.

All things being equal, I’m aiming to have the first novel in the series of five I have planned, out on Kindle before the end of the year.

Fingers crossed eh?


3 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Hello!

      I’m going to be spending so much more time writing and rumbling around the internet over the next few months with a view to getting my first book out pretty soon. I’ll be reading your posts to follow your success.

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